Legacy Of Light

 Legacy of Light Solar Electrification Project goal is to install solar electrification systems on the humble homes of the Pueblo of Berlin in eastern El Salvador. Each home without electricity will receive a solar system that includes three multi-functional LED Lights. Besides being the instrument for illumination for the home, it also is designed with a USB port for charging cell phone batteries. The Light is designed so it can be disconnected from the charge cable to be used as a flashlight. The on/off switch allows for three levels of illumination, dim, medium and bright. The unit uses four AA rechargeable batteries, which are easily purchased at the local hardware store. The LED Lights are nearly indestructible, constructed of a hard rubber-like material to make the unit dust-proof, waterproof, and very durable even if dropped. Maintenance is minimal and efficiency optimal for the Legacy of Light Electrification Goals. The cost for the system of three LED Lights and ten watt solar panel is $210. Administrative costs add $35 for a total of $245 per installation. 

The primary misson of Legacy of Light is to provide illumination in the dark of night. Your

donation will help bring hope and dignity to families that have traditionally lived

nocturnal life by the light of candles, cheap flashlights and contaminating oil lamps.


Donate by making a check to Los Olivos CIS, note the donation is for the “Legacy of Light” project, and send it to: Robert Cook, 713 Indiana Ave., Des Moines, IA 50314.